5 reasons why OnePlus 6 is better than Samsung Galaxy S9

The Flagship Smartphone War becomes tough after the recent smartphones launches in 2018. To show the best player in this war, Samsung came up with its flagship device in the form of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus. While on the other hand, Chinese Manufacturer OnePlus just lunch its next Flagship Series phone as the OnePlus 6. The Latest OnePlus Flagship phone OnePlus 6 gives direct tough competition to the Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy s9 and Galaxy s9 plus.

Here 5 fair reasons why OnePlus 6 is better over Samsung Galaxy S9. We list them below:


  1. Android Version:

While talking about Android Version, OnePlus 6 is a powered by Oxygen OS and that is a lot closer to the Stock Android experience. Whereas Samsung Galaxy S9 uses Samsung’s own UI based on Android Orio tipically as all of Samsung’s flagship devices till date and it still lack of Stock Android experience.

Noticeably, Both the devices run on Android 8.0 Orio based Operationg System.


  1. OS Updates:

OnePlus just announce latest Android Version Android P Beta Version available for download on OnePlus 6 and Also announce that company brings final version for OnePlus 6, as soon as available. OnePlus is always excited to bring the latest Android updates to the flagship devices.

While Samsung does not much interest in bringing Latest updates to its flagship devices likewise Samsung take considerable time to bring Android Orio for Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Here OnePlus 6 hold an edge over the Samsung S9 on Android Updates.


  1. Processor:

Samsung Galaxy powered by its own Processor Exynos 9810 octa-core processor in india. Exynos processor quite impressive and good, but as far as the flagship device processor it can’t beats Snapdragon Qualcomm Processor in terms of Performance. Exynos 9810 can’t be considered as better and best processor as compared to Snapdragon Qualcomm.

On the other hand, OnePlus 6 is Pack with Snapdragon 845 Octa-core Processor with 2.8 Ghz qualcomm which is undoubtedly best processor for flagship device in the market till date. The speed test between these two devices show OnePlus 6 is visibly faster performance over Samsung Galaxy S9.


  1. Basel-less Display with Notch Trend:

Samsung S9 follow basal-less display with very thin basal on top and bottom side but you will miss notch design on the top side. Whereas OnePlus 6 follows top notch trend in Smartphones and it gives iPhone X like feel. Those who like Top Notch design switch to the OnePlus 6 over the Samsung Galaxy S9.



Last but not least, Price of the OnePlus 6 attract to the consumer to choose over the Samsung Galaxy S. OnePlus play trump card with price tag of OnePlus 6 and it directly challenge not only to Galaxy S9 but also to all its flagship device competitors with best specifications at lowest price. Let’s compare price of both the devices;

Samsung Galaxy S9 launch at Rs. 57900 for the 64GB variant and Rs. 65900 for the 256GB variant.

One the Other hand, OnePlus 6 price start with Rs. 34999 for the 64GB variant and Rs. 44999 for the 256GB variant.


All above 5 most important reasons that makes OnePlus 6 is better than Samsung Galaxy S9. what is your opinion about these two phones, tell us your opinion in comment box.

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