Lenovo all set to launch truly Bezel-less and notch-less display phone Lenovo Z5 on 5th June


In our Earlier article we have talk about VIVO’s All side bezel-less display with no notch on the top display design phone that will be official on 10th July, now another Chinese manufacturer Lenovo announce the launching date of its truly Basel-less from all side with notch-less display design phone on 5th June. Where all eyes on VIVO’s all side Basel-less concept phone APEX which will be official on 10th July, Lenovo already create upset by announcing its own version of all side Basel-less concept phone Lenovo Z5 which will be official on 5th June, almost 1 month earlier from VIVO’s APEX launch date. After so much teased in mid-may, finally Lenovo z5 will debut in Beijing on 5th June as per the company’s launch event invite on weibo (micro-blogging site from china).

Here are the key-notes of this phone;

The best part of this phone is its display. All the other Android Smartphone players recently follow the Notch Trend display like iPhone X, Lenovo comes with its own version of innovative all side truly bezel-less with notch-less display. Lenovo teased so much about this phone’s display on Social Media but yet not disclose about its front side Selfie camera. But we expect, it will be come out with Pop Up concept like VIVO’s APEX phone. The company claim that Z5 has 95% screen-to-body ratio display.

Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng, release the teaser image of Z5’s rear panel on social media and confirmed that the Z5 also comes with Huawei P-20 like all glass rear panel with a gradient purple and blue effect colour. The teaser release of rear panel with all glass panel body might be support wireless charging feature.

Another curiosity about Z5 is its internal storage capacity and Battery backup. Lenovo’s VP Cheng also teased about Z5 on social media and claim that Z5 come with giant 4TB internal storage capacity and probably the Z5 offer the first in the industry with this much of giant internal storage and also the company claim that the Z5 can store around 2,000 HD movies, 150,000 lossless music files and around 1 million photos in this giant storage. Cheng also claim that this was possible thanks to “particle technology”.

Another big feature highlighted about this phone is its battery backup. The company claim that the Z5 could come with 45 days of standby time with only single charge. It feels really cool to get giant battery back up in Smartphone.

The company’s VP Cheng also mentioned that, The Z5 follow the success legacy of ZUK series phones form Lenovo launched earlier. Lenovo tries its best to be flagship benchmark with Z5 with new display design language. Let’s wait for Lenovo’s Z5 and VIVO’s APEX phone, and see who will justifies the all bezel-less notch-less display better.

What is your opinion about Lenovo’s Z5 and VIVO’s APEX phone for new display design language? Give your opinion in comment box and don’t forget to like and share this article.

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