WhatsApp for iOS and Android gets update with best features today

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WhatsApp for iOS and Android has become a dominant player in the messaging apps category. Since its launching, WhatsApp regularly rolls out many updates with new features to stand out #1 in the messaging apps race. The last updates with group calling and payment features seems most required but still we all were facing lack of controls on group members and annoying messages.

WhatsApp for iOS and AndroidWhatsApp for iOS and Android








WhatsApp for iOS and Android has been come out with new features update that gives you controls over group members and annoying friends. The new update comes out as beta version 2.18.191 for android and as stable version 2.18.70 for iOS that allow group admins to control on who send messages in the particular group under the hood of Group Setting menu.

How ‘Send Messages’ feature works in WhatsApp for iOS and Android?

The newly updated ‘send messages’ feature gives control to the group admins to disable the chat features in the particular group. Admins can restricts group member to send text messages, images, videos, voice clips, etc by tapping on “Only Admins” option from Send Messages menu. Moreover, by change setting to “Only Admins” All the group member will be informed by broadcast text massages.

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Follow below steps to change options from “All participants” to “Only admins”

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp app
  • Step 2: Tap any group and open group setting menu from top side bar
  • Step 3: Select “Send Messages” menu and change options from “All participants” to “Only Admins” by click on “Only Admins” option.

whatsapp for ios and androidwhatsapp for ios and android








The new updates definitely will work hassle-free for those who are running business group, workforce group, Informative group where admins able to restricts users who sending unnecessary messages and annoying things in the particular group

In addition, the new WhatsApp for iOS and Android update also rolls out with “Edit group info” option that also allows admin to restrict group members to change group subject, group icon and description. The new additional option allow group admins to choose who can change a group subject, group icon and description by selecting from two options – All participants and only admins from “edit group info” menu. With the update, WhatsApp for iOS and Android gives security to the main group admin that the other admins can’t be removed the main admin from the group.

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