WhatsApp Update: “forwarded” label on forwarded messages to prevent fake information

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The most popular instant messenger comes out with some serious WhatsApp update to prevent of misinformation. Facebook owned WhatsApp has rolls out the latest update which helps users to identify if a message has been written by the sender or simply forwarded.

We all are using WhatsApp in our daily routine to communicate with our relatives, friends and others. By its huge popularity, whatsapp is facing some serious antisocial activity by spreading of dangerous viral rumours and misinformation which leads multiple killings in the country.  The company also has been criticised by the government for not taking proper steps to prevent such fake news spreading throughout the country.

WhatsApp for iOS and Android gets update with best features today

WhatsApp rolls out latest update after warned by government over misuse of the platform. The new beta update of WhatsApp will show “forwarded” label on every forwarded message. “This extra context will help make one-on-one and group chats easier to follow. It will also help you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it came from someone else,” the company said in the post.

“WhatsApp cares deeply about your safety. We encourage you to think before sharing forwarded messages. As a reminder, you can report spam or block a contact in one tap and always reach out to WhatsApp directly for help,” it added in the post.

whatsapp update
whatsapp forwarded label on sender’s chat box
whatsapp update
whatsapp forwarded label on receiver’s chat box














The “forwarded” label will show on right side of upper case of message for both sender as well as receiver. In “forwarded” label move the company hopes will prevent platform’s  misinformation problems. The company also introduced cash reward programme for local researchers and developers studying and resolving the issue related to viral misinformation.

In addition, whatsapp also rolls out whatsapp update with ‘send messages’ feature gives control to the group admins to disable the chat features in the particular group. Admins can restricts group member to send text messages, images, videos, voice clips, etc by tapping on “Only Admins” option from Send Messages menu. Moreover, by change setting to “Only Admins” All the group member will be informed by broadcast text massages.

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