Xenxo S Ring: A New Language in Smart Wearable

Xenxo S Ring

Can you imagine about a new smartest innovation in the wearable gadget that can replace all other boring wearable accessories like Smartwatch and Smart Band? If you are one of from tech crowd getting bored with the bunch of wearable accessories and yet not found proper solution then you need pretty impressive and smartest Xenxo S Ring. Xenxo S Ring helps you in 12 plus features that almost all other wearables can do.

The Indian Start-up Xenxo has lunch this smart wearable S-Ring through crowd-funding with Kickstarter and the company has already raised funding goal with more than 10 times its original funding goal.

This smallest wearable Xenxo S-Ring break the idea about smart ring available in the market with limited functionality and offer more than 12 exciting features in a single handheld wearable. The Xenxo S-ring allows you to answer the call with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in high-definition earpiece and microphone. The S-ring also comes with 4GB internal storage capacity and a powerful microcomputer with more than 94 micro-components.

The Xenxo S-ring also allow you to use as confidential file storage, Google assistant and Siri connectivity, a silent alarm, NFC payment, pedometer, Bluetooth Key and many more. The S-ring packs with the microprocessor and multiple sensors that can be controlled by gesture control.

The best part of this device is that it comes with SOS features that keep you safe from danger or panic situation. The device also reminds you if you forget your phone or other gadgets.

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